KO of the Week: Ben Saunders vs Marcus Davis

Check out Ben Saunders impressive knockout of Marcus Davis back at UFC 106 in 2009. Saunders faces Peter Sobotta at Fight Night Stockholm on Sunday.

45 thoughts on “KO of the Week: Ben Saunders vs Marcus Davis”

  1. Conor McGregor definitely left his mark on the sport. He taught people how to avoid defending your belt against top contenders, now everybody is doing it.

  2. 0:47 Impressive but why did he punch him twice? Cʊdn't he see the ref had stopped the fight? IMO: he was pretty much reaching around him; assaulting someone whilst their sleeping = asshole behaviour.

    U might argue:
    1) They signed a consensual agreement to fight each other & hurt other. Therefore the last punch of the fight was consensual.
    2) He didn't have enough time to react to the ref. The slow-mo makes it look worse
    3) It was a very big moment for him & he just got a little carried away with excitement

    To which i'd reply:
    1) there was zero consent for the assault because if u'd asked Davies if he agreed to it he'd have said no;
    2) UFC fighters have very fast reaction times so he had enough time
    3) he may have got carried away in the excitement of the moment but that'd be no defence to a charge of battery – if it was a defence everyone wʊd be saying it in court

  3. Knockout of THE WEEK?!?
    This fight's so old I guess it's only been uploaded to give Joe Rogan some nostalgic feelings of that sweet sweet time where he still got some sweet sweet hair 😀

  4. one thing that pisses me the fuck off about UFC is they never give the fighters enough time to even put on their T-shirts at the end of the bout…. the guy earned it give them their shine. GODDAMN!!!!

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