EA SPORTS UFC 3 | Tips and Tricks | Basic Striking

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Creative Director, Brian Hayes, gives his tips when it comes to striking in EA SPORTS UFC 3.

You can attack your opponent’s head, body, or legs, each of which has its own health meter. The more damage you do to a region over a short period of time, the more likely you are to create a health event – like a stun, knock down, or knockout.

However, it’s not as simple as throwing as many strikes as you can. Your fighter has a stamina meter that will be depleted every time you throw a strike. The bigger the strike, the more stamina your fighter will lose. Missing strikes will also cost a lot more than landing them. The lower your stamina, the less damage you will cause, and the more damage you will take.

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  1. You fucked the game deep in the ass without any lube. Head movement was overpowered, now it's completely useless. People just stand there and swing hooks until someone goes out.


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