The Cavaliers Big 3 Combine for 93 Points in Game 4 | May 23, 2017

The Cleveland Cavaliers Big 3 of Kyrie Irving (42 points and 4 assists), LeBron James (34 points and 6 assists) and Kevin Love ( 17 points and 17 rebounds) totaled 93 points, the highest combined point total for the trio in the playoffs. The Cavaliers Superstar trio displayed their full array of skills in a come from behind 112-99 victory over the Boston Celtics.

24 thoughts on “The Cavaliers Big 3 Combine for 93 Points in Game 4 | May 23, 2017”

  1. Starters:

    Stephen Curry > Kyrie Irving
    Klay Thompson > J.R. Smith
    Kevin Durant < LeBron James
    Draymond Green > Kevin Love
    Zaza Pachulia < Tristan Thompson


    Shaun Livingston > Deron Williams
    Andre Iguodala > Richard Jefferson
    JaVale McGee > Edy Tavares
    Matt Barnes > Dahntay Jones
    Ian Clark < Iman Shumpert
    Patrick McCaw < Kyle Korver
    James Michael McAdoo < Channing Frye
    Kevon Looney < Derrick Williams
    David West > James Jones
    Damian Jones < Kay Felder

    Now hand me them W's.

  2. Well at least its interesting then the west. The warriors are so lame. Pops like here take the trophy I don't want it!! Like Durant going to warriors for easy pass to a championship!

  3. This is a weird ass 5 game series lol, never seen a team down 20 1st half then down 41 in the 1st half at home, now Cavs collapsing on bad scorers leaving shooters WIDE open like whos coaching this defense? Idc who you're a fan of, for the Cavs these close games came out of left field clearly on the coaches

  4. lowkey a lot of sus ref calls for boston, i seriously think they were trying to help boston win so the nba could make more money. was sooooooo obvious… holy shit that call on tristan thompson was WHACK!

  5. why is your league so broken, people falling down every 2nd possession for charges, no one plays proper defense like basketball was designed for, its all just exploiting your broken rule system, another reason true bigs dont exist anymore, just your carbon copy stephen curry players hucking up flashy 3 pointers.

  6. So when curry got fouled out in game 6 last year it was ok? But if Lebron gets 4 fouls in the first half it's rigged? Yes ok makes sense

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