Lonzo Ball & Ben Simmons Battle It Out in Philly | December 7, 2017

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Check out the rookie point guards of the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76er’s duel in Philly! Ben Simmons put up a triple double (12 pts, 15 asts, 13 rebs) and Lonzo Ball put up (10 pts, 8 asts, 8 rebs)

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39 thoughts on “Lonzo Ball & Ben Simmons Battle It Out in Philly | December 7, 2017”

  1. 😂😂 they won't even make it to the playoffs in 99% sure. Lonzo has shown NO star qualities. He will be an average player in the league. Definitely not first round draft pick material. Y'all are fucking retarded. Can't believe y'all actually like this kid and his dad. Fucking morons. All of you youtube idiots think 10 points is great now a days. Just pod highlights. Highlights only show you the times they actually make the ball. He missed five other LAYUPS. Lonzo is a fucking bust. I call it how I see it

  2. "(kobe), are you Shaq's sidekick?" "Yea, for sure"-kobe (Feb 13, 2013). Shaq carried kobe
    2000 finals
    Shaq: 38ppg/16.7reb/2.7blk/.611fg%
    kobe: 15ppg/4reb/4ast/.360fg% and missed one game
    *Shaq Final MVP 1 kobe 0*

    -Shaq was the number 1 option and faced Double/Triple Teams. He was guarded by Rik Smith/Davis Bros. kobe was single covered against Rose/Miller (34)
    -Shaq won the Regular Season MVP (one vote short becoming unanimous MVP)

    2001 Finals
    Shaq: 33ppg/15.8reb/3.4blk/.573fg%
    kobe: 24ppg/7reb/5ast/.410fg%
    *Shaq Final MVP 2 kobe 0*

    -Shaq faced the Defensive Player of Year, Mutombo (33) and faced Double/Triple Teams. kobe was single covered. kobe try to guard Iverson, he got torched. Phil turned to Ty Lue (Bench Player) to guard AI.

    2002 Finals (Refs rigged game 6 WCF for the lakers)
    Shaq: 36.3ppg/12.3reb/2.8blk/.599fg%
    kobe: 26ppg /5reb/5ast/.510fg%
    *Shaq Final MVP 3 kobe 0*

    -Shaq was still the number 1 option faced Keyton Martin/Jason Collins and still faced Double/Triple Teams. kobe was single covered by Kidd.

    2004 Finals, When kobe try to be the number 1 option
    Shaq: 27ppg/10.8reb/.6 blk/.631fg%
    kobe: 22ppg/2.8reb/.380fg%/.170 3fg%
    *lakers lost in five*

    -lakers lost because kobe became a ball hog and "kobrick". Shaq shot .631fg% vs kobe's .380fg% and .170 3fg%.. Clearly, Shaq was more efficient. Phil called kobe "uncoachable" and quit after the finals.

    *Finals Stats or Playoffs Stats?*
    -Finals Stats >>> Playoffs stats; don't care about 1st/2nd round (horrible matchups). Especially, 2001 total stats when kobe couldn't guard AI and Shaq dominated the finals.
    -Only 2000/2002 WCF mattered. Both series were seven games and still Shaq's numbers were better.
    -4 Straight Finals, Shaq had much better numbers and 3 Finals MVPs.
    *It's was Shaq's team. kobe admitted being the "sidekick" and "play a supporting role". Replace kobe with T-Mac or Vince Carter and lakers will still win. Vince made it to the 2001 ECF, kobe needed a lot of help to make the playoffs or past the first round (05-07)*

    *Shaq's Free Throws*
    -He made when it counted. Nothing like Nick Anderson in 95 NBA Finals Game 1.
    -2000 Finals Game 2 kobe left the game. Shaq led the team to victory n hit some clutch FT.
    -2000 Finals Game 4 kobe had a good OT (Shaq FO), kobe's first good game in the series. He scored 14, 2, 0 before game 4. Meanwhile, Shaq had 43, 40, 33 and still lead the team in scoring with 36. Game 5 Shaq had 35 pt, kobe had 8.

    *Shaq's First Three Years*
    -1993 Shaq nearly made it to the playoffs (missed it due to tie breaker with Indiana.)
    -1994 Made the Playoffs. Drafted Penny (3rd pick) came off the bench at the start.
    -1995 Shaq beat "The Goat" (Michael Jordan) and went to the Finals.

    *kobe's First Three Years after Shaq*
    -2005 Didn't make the playoffs in his Prime.. played with Odom/Caron Butler/Grant
    -2006 Lost in the First Round in his Prime.. choked a 3-1 lead. Shaq/Wade won the title
    -2007 Lost in the First Round in his Prime.. Shaq ask kobe "Tell me how my ass taste". kobe cried to Steven A. Smith to be traded.

    -Only until Hall Famer, Pau Gasol (one of the best PF in the league) joined the lakers, Bryumn became a Allstar Starting Center and had Ariza/Atrest. kobe past the 1st round.
    -2010 Finals Game 7 kobe choked and shot 6/26, 0/6 3fg. Atrest's hit the Game Winner and saved kobe.

    *Alltime Ranking?*
    -kobe is outside of the top ten. He's only credited for two rings because he was the best player on two championships team.
    -Shaq was clearly the best player on those lakers teams (3 Fmvps). kobe admitted he was "sidekick".
    *If you are a damn sidekick, you won't get credit for those championships. Horry has 7 rings, is he the goat? Nope. Shaq >>>>>>kobe*

    -Feel Free to Copy and Paste.

  3. Ben Simmons only cares about his Stats. Lonzo only care about helping his teammates to win. And the only reason simmons had more assists. Is because he is playing against LonzGoat. So he wants to show off against him. Guess what. You will NEVER be LonzGod. You hear me SIMMONS!! NEVERRRR!!!!

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