2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant’s Game 5 Heard Around the World

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Listen in to announcers around the world as Kevin Durant leads the Golden State Warriors in game 5 to win the 2017 NBA Finals!

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20 thoughts on “2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant’s Game 5 Heard Around the World”

  1. Before you all start hating, let me remind you. LeBron left his hometown to team up with Prime Wade (Finals MVP, Perennial All-Star, Heat All-time leader in Points, Assists & Steals) and Prime Bosh (Perennial All-Star, Raptors All-time leader in Points, Rebounds & Blocks). He left again to team up with younger All-Stars in Irving and Love. Both LeBron & Durant saw opportunities and took them.

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  3. I got loyalty got royalty inside my DNA
    Ik a nigga who got none of that his nickname's KDTrey
    Last year he blew a 3-1 lead aint' got nothin' else to say
    Then he fucking left OKC to play with Curry, Klay and Dray
    Send her to the WNBA
    Just won his first chip; but he needed to join the Bay
    "Let's compete with the Lakers & Heat!" nigga tf did you just say
    And that's why KD will always be second to LBJ

  4. Already the most overrated player in the league. They are now ranking this guy higher than LeBron lmao. This guy is just in a better system. Even Kawhi can take his place and the Warriors will still win the title.

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