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Roy Jones Jr. – The Unstoppable

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My Roy Jones Jr. Mix!

46 thoughts on “Roy Jones Jr. – The Unstoppable”

  1. I like it on one hand, bun on the other hand I get so sad, because this is nothing more than gladiators in the history. Isn't it bad, that people gather to watch others beating up each other? Not a good entertainment. Violent.

  2. A fantastic boxer and in his prime he was one of the best P4P all times. In my book RJJ is up there together with SRR, Ali and SRL. A sadly underestimated fighter on most P4P-lists.

  3. Crazy clip. Terrific movie clip.

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  4. Roy was the greatest athlete in boxing and maybe all of sporting history he got as far as he did with natural talent and athleticism he had literally no technique no real strategy a glass chin and made it to the top in numerous divisions its a testament to his speed and athleticism. P4P on a technical level he was far from the top 10 but Roy will still go down as a all time great if not the greatest. And also what other boxer can say be named in their Highlight song as well?

  5. wish Roy would hang the gloves up, these guys don't deserve Roy on their records as a win… he was an absolute freak, one of the all time greats… loved to have seen Roy against Hagler…

  6. My biggest regret in making this video is not including clips from Roy Jones winning the heavyweight championship and Roy Jones v Richard Hall.. Wish i could go back and revise this one

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