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Alain Prost On All Things F1

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Alain Prost discusses Renault’s 2018 targets and France’s F1 return…

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43 thoughts on “Alain Prost On All Things F1”

  1. tbh every fucking time under a video about Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna I see fucking cunts bitching around which of them both were better, which of them got their title "stolen", how much of an unfair driver the other one was and so on.

    I admit that I am a Senna & Schumi fanboy since I was kid, but did I ever had a reason to insult their rivals as assholes or dirty drivers? No, bcs as a motorsport fan I respect all legends. Clark, Lauda, Hunt, Prost, Senna, Schumi and so on are all legends and the best drivers the world has ever seen. ofc they had rivalries but this is normal when you are racing.
    for example after Prosts retirement he and Senna started to get along with each other but sadly we never saw them getting friends because of Sennas accident in '94.
    same with Vettel and Hamilton both are incredibly good drivers and both have/had their dominant time bcs it is more than just being quick.

    now u fuckers get your shit together and stop comparing those legends, bcs there is no need to tell us "who is better".

  2. Ah. The Professor. Let me count how many titles he lost: 1981: 2 crashes that weren’t his fault made him lose by 7 points.
    1982: His Renault’s unreliability made him have 7 DNFs and lost by 10 points to Rosberg.
    1983: Same shit as ‘82 but instead lost in the final race by 2 points.
    1984: His mechanical failures and Jacky Ickx waving the red flag without the permission of the stewards.
    1988: Scoring 11 more points than Senna, but losing because of the shitty point system.

  3. Alot of respect for prost , great man and brilliant driver . Everytime I see prost I can see senna and mansell sitting/standing with him . They were the golden years of f1 , when the car didn't practically drive itself .
    Even if Hamilton beats Schumachers record , he won't be remembered the same way as fangio, hill ,Moss, lauder ,Schumacher,Clarke, stuart mansell, senna or prost .
    Hamilton was a young kid with alot of talent that was turned into a product at an early age and sorry to say the only reason he's 4 time champ is because he's never driven a bad car.

  4. I'm glad formula one is returning to Paul Ricard and that they are using a long layout of the circuit. Magny Cours, while it has interesting corners and Jordan won there, feels like it'd be a bit twisty for modern f1 cars. Great for recharging the mgu-k but not very many overtaking opportunities. Maybe Paul Ricard will be just as difficult to overtake but areas for Drs should be easier to select with the longer straights.

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