Delhi Test forces ICC to take note of air pollution



Sri Lanka players wear pollution masks during the Delhi Test © BCCI

Following repeated concerns voiced by members of the Sri Lanka team during the recently concluded Delhi Test, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to consider air pollution guidelines for matches in the future.

“The ICC has noted the conditions in which the Delhi Test was played and has already requested the issue is considered by the medical committee for guidance should the situation arise in future. The matter is likely to be discussed in February’s ICC meetings,” said an ICC spokesperson.

During that Test, Sri Lanka’s players were forced to take the field wearing pollution masks while a few players fell sick during the course of play. It led to breaks during the first innings of the Test match but the players decided to get on with the game. The umpires and match referee did not take any action then but with possible guidelines coming into play, there could be a different outcome should a similar situation occur in the future.

Medical practitioners too have voiced their opinion on the matter, citing potentially harmful outcomes if athletes are allowed to perform in dangerously polluted conditions.

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